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johnnysuk's Journal

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Community for JE fans in the UK.

01 An introduction would be very much welcome. You don't have to include the town but county or region would be nice.

02 No bashing/flaming (of JE or JE-UK members) WHATSOEVER. We may not like certain groups or people but there isn't much reason for that kind of thing here - please leave it to your personal journal.

03 You obviously need to be a fan of Johnny's Entertainment - otherwise why are you be here?

04 Pretty much everything is allowed! Fan art & fiction, graphics, whatever! But if it contains something of an adult nature then please lock the post to Friends/Members only and a warning/rating before the cut.

05 Sale posts ARE allowed.

06 Media (MP3, Videos, Scans) are also allowed but please lock these posts too. This includes picspams!

07 Not really a rule BUT although not everything JE-related is listed, you're more than welcome to post about whatever your interests are in JE if they aren't listed in the Interests. I hope that makes sense! xD

08 Have fun! Humour is also very much appreciated but please becareful of Rule #02 some people don't exactly have the best sense of humour.

09 PLEASE make use of the tag function, if you don't know what to tag something as, leave it blank and a mod will do that for you.

If you're unsure about something then please contact one of the moderators. Our contact info should be in our profiles - if not then a small post on the community is OK.